This is lost of all pages on my website. I think it’s better to go into individual sections to explore, but this also exists.

BSD Is Now a Section
Hardware and software I use
Crew of The Next Generation
Star Trek Is Now a Section
Adventures (Episodes of The Next Generation)
Data's Poetry
Removed Plausible analytics
Book Update 1
Now on OpenBSD 7.4
Removed tags and near future
Tired of Blogging
Music Monday: "So What" from "Four & More"
Fixing ThinkPad X1 Wifi on Freebsd
Live from OpenBSD in Amsterdam
Managing email with Notmuch and Emacs
Reddit and the centralized Web
Mastodon and ActivityPub
Literate configuration of Elfeed
Star Trek: Voyager 05x06 - Timeless
Input Completion in Emacs
Star Trek: Voyager 05x05 - Once Upon a Time
Star Trek: Voyager 05x04 - In the Flesh
Understanding Passkeys
Human Web
Footnotes in Hugo and Goldmark
Moving My RSS Reading to Emacs With Elfeed
Fixing IPv6 and securing the domain
Using RSS to stop Youtube homepage-induced damage
Now Served From IPv6
Today in AI: OpenAI drinking its own poison
Keeping Browser Tabs to a Minimum
Eugen Rochko's nationality and propaganda
Git Objects
Size of IPv6
Mastodon Has Already Won
Augumented Plain Text
Computer Folks Ignore History
Emacs as a Shell
Tar Is for Tape Drive
FreeBSD 13.2 was released and broke my resume
Open Bsd 7 3 Was Released Today
You've Got Mail
Looom Audiodrama
Where Is the Interactive Education?
Write Posix Shell
Music Monday: Marcin Wasileski Trio
Big Tech Is Winning the Web
Receiving Email
Specimen control with RSpec's options
How Did Phreaking Work?
Desktop FreeBSD won't improve unless people are using it
Rocking Portale Music Like Its 2005
Music Monday: Tomasz Stanko - Terminal 7
A Site About Nothing
Unix Documentary From AT&T Archives
I love remote work, and I am toying with FreeBSD jails
Re: Continuous Productivity Is Toxic
My Gripes With AI
Systemd Is Fast
Music Monday: Ibrahim Maalouf From 2013
That Ending Scene From Kids on the Slope
First Time the ZFS Saved Me
A Short Update on My Workman Layout Experiment
Switching Between Speakers and Headphones on FreeBSD
Follow This Blog on Twitter
FreeBSD on modern Intel WiFi cards and resume.
Pi Day
Music Monday: Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Moanin'
It's Near Impossible to Use NoScript but the Future Is Bright
That Later Scene From Kids on the Slope
I Still Run Local Applications
A New Layout
Always Have the Entire Network in Mind
That Scene From Kids on the Slope
Music Monday: Wayne Shorter - Witch Hunt
GTA V and Lack of Closure
FreeBSD: configuring NVIDIA and Xorg on Thinkpad X1 Extreme G2
The Thing I Want but Don't Need
Sucking at Touching
The True History of Vi
The OSes I Use Most Often
Star Trek: Voyager 05x03 - Exteme Risk
Fixing Resume on ThinkPad X1 Extreme G2 on FreeBSD due to integrated graphic card
Music Monday: Tomasz Stańko - Music for K
Nokia Launches Diy Repairable Budget Android Phone
ML Is Still a Parlor Trick
RTX Remakes
FreeBSD on a Thinkpad Extreme G2
AI Generated Artwork Looses Copyright Protection
Pulse Width Modulation on OLED Screens
Star Trek: Voyager 05x02 - Drone
Re: On replacing My Macbook Air M1 with a Thinkpad T480
Interactive Fiction in 2023 and Get Lamp
Music Monday: John Coltrane - Giant Steps
Making Gmail Useful by Removing Modern Gmail
Zork's Original Trilogy
An Entire Month of Posts
Picard Is Back. Oh No
Early FreeBSD Thoughts
Foreshadowing in Gurren Lagann
Music Monday: That One Time When Iron Maiden Played at a Polish Wedding
Star Trek: Voyager 05x01 - Night
All Hail My New TrackPoint Overlord!
Openable Laptops
Seinfeld Season 8
Joylessness of Modern Web Design
How I Reignited My Passion for Computers
Music Monday: MJ Hibbet & The Validators- Hey Hey 16K
New Domain, BSD and Sayonara Memes!
Statistics Are Now Public
The Worst Part of Emacs After 3 Weeks
This Site No Longer Spies for Youtube
HTTP Headers in Rails: Hyphens, Underscores, and a terrible day
Seinfeld's Apartament Doesn't Make Any Sense
Music Monday: Cradle of Filth - Her Ghost in the Fog
This Blog Is AI Free
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Silent Cartoons From the 90s
Shakespearian Theatre in Fallout 76
Joining a DOS gamers club
The Pacing of Modern Cartoons Is a Rollercoaster
Music Monday: Anathema - Lost Control
Macos Is Now Spying Even More
Perfection From the 90s
Music Haul for January 2023
Ars Technica's Article on Apple Lisa
Why Installers Were Called Wizards
Industrial Design Used to Be Cool
My First Computer
On Simple Software
Wildcard Mx and a Dns Record Conflict
Persona 5
A Meme Site
I am now an FSF associate
I Now Host My Own Code
Why Does This Site Exist?
Resolutions for 2023
Managing dotfiles with GNU Stow
Trying out the Workman layout
Adding simple music server to my network
A month with a disgusting ThinkPad
Adding dynamic DNS to the home server
Repartitioning the home server
The Ivy Diaries, Chapter I
The Secret of Monkey Island Monkey Island
Second version
Buffers, splits and tabs in Vim