Due to Kim’s calculation error, the Voyager crashes on a frozen planet, killing the entire crew. Only Chakotay and Kim, who were not on the ship during the incident, survived. Somehow they manage to reach Earth but are hunted by the memory of being the cause of death of the entire crew.

Fifteen years later, they manage to return to Delta Quadrant and find a way to communicate with the past, where Voyager is still preparing for the test, which resulted in the incident.


Woohoo, episode 100! And what an episode it was! It’s clear that the creators were saving money for this episode. The first scene is probably the best CGI in Star Trek on TV up to this moment.

Voyager down
Voyager down [source]

The story is straightforward. We’ve got a mission to save Voyager - but this time, we bypass the most significant problems of this series. We know that no matter how great the plan is, it will fail. The crew won’t return to Earth before the last episodes of the final season. If the story focused on the test, it would not work as well as it does. Yes, we know that Chakotay and Kim will succeed, but with the twist that we see a different version of the characters we are used to know. They are scared and angry, which is especially shocking when it comes to Kim, who is often the nice guy in the room. Unfortunately, the most emotional moment is downplayed by soap opera-level overacting and screaming at each other.

Technically, I love the structure here. We’ve got intertwined scenes from both timelines. It’s something I’ve seen recently in Made in Abyss season 2, and it really works great!

One episode I was reminded of was “The Visitor” from Deep Space 9. Unfortunately, it’s not a favorable comparison as it only shows the weakness of Voyager. In DS9, we had actual, fleshed-out characters. You really cared about Jake and his relationship with Sisko. Here? Not so much. We’re over halfway through the series, and they are still only filling the roles needed on a starship (and Neelix). I still have no idea who they are, what drives them, what scares them. They simply don’t feel real. They are not persons but characters.

Still, we see a druken Seven, which was unexpected. Also we see removal of her eye, but in a better taste than whatver happened in Picard.

It's also much more mechanical than in Picard
It's also much more mechanical than in Picard [source]

Doctor’s factor

A lot of scenes with the Doctor, I am content.