The crew encounters what appears to be Earth’s Starfleet Acadamy. It’s inhabited by people who should be present, including the groundskeeper Boothby1. After an investigation (and seduction) conducted by Chakotay, it is revealed that it’s a training replica of the site - one of many training grounds for Species 8472.

Familiar face.
Familiar face. [source]

Both sides agree on a truce and negotiations. Its conclusion is a trade of information - Voyager gives their knowledge about Borg nanoprobes and, in exchange, receives information about Species 8472 genetic modifications.


Non placet.2 I saw this episode 2 weeks ago and didn’t feel like writing about it at all. The basic premise is excellent as it develops Species 8472. However, the execution was boring. It seems that the creators feel much better when they are not confined within a bigger story arch. There was no tension, nor anything deeply exciting happened in the episode. However, I love that the day is saved not by phaser fire but by talking over a round table - and that was the only thing I remembered when sitting to write this post about the entire episode.

Homefront3 did it better.

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Was he even here? I don’t remember.

  1. Played again by excellent Ray Walston. ↩︎

  2. a negative vote↩︎

  3. an episode of Deep Space 9 sharing a lot of similarities ↩︎