Voyager’s probe is launched at a gas giant, but Malons spot it and attempt to capture it. To prevent it, the crew sends the probe into the gas planet’s atmosphere. Malon’s ship follows the probe and is subsequently crashed. Paris presents a design for Delta Flyaer, a specialized shuttlecraft based on Starfleet’s and Borg’s technology. Malons want the probe as the resources it collected are too valuable, and, as Jenway puts it, we’ve got a space race.

Contemplating suicde?
Contemplating suicde? [source]

In second story arch, we’ve got B’Elanna putting herself at risk by going into extremely dangerous Holodeck simulations with safety protocols off. Doctor learns about multiple injuries and diagnoses her with clinical depression. Jenway puts her off the Delta Flyer project, and subsequently, Chakotay approaches her. She reveals she stopped feeling anything - not about her job, future, Paris, or the massacre of Maquis by Cardassians and Dominion. Only putting herself at risk of death allows her to have any feelings.

Meanwhile, Delta Flyer is completed, and Torrens volunteers to join its crew. The mission is a success, and B’Elanna experiences her first positive emotions in quite some time.


Look at how much FX this bad boy can handle! Every few scenes, we get some new CGI. Either the technology caught up to the writer’s ambitions, or someone threw a lot more money at them.

Look at that scan!
Look at that scan! [source]
Look at this vessel!
Look at this vessel! [source]
Look at this not-bad attempt at a fully CGI human... or Klingon!
Look at this not-bad attempt at a fully CGI human... or Klingon! [source]
Just look at this. Stunning!
Just look at this. Stunning! [source]
Kara Thrace, is that you?
Kara Thrace, is that you? [source]

I’d say it’s just a step below what Marvel movies look like these days.

But outside of the visual, the episode got me hard. I always await crew-centric episodes. All the Sci-Fi techno-bubble is cool and all, but what I consider to be the meat of Star Trek is always the crew. And this was almost a perfect episode. The probe story was in the background, and B’Elanna’s trauma was the focal point. It would be perfect if her problems wouldn’t end with just a friendly chat. It’s juvenile, but to fully develop this, the writers would need to expand it into a multi-episode arc. Nowadays, they would do it, but Voyager was still too early for such endeavors. On the other hand, this dark storyline is still much more seriously taken than what Picard did with its first two seasons.

As for the second storyline - I was surprised to find out Malons returned as I considered them dull enough for a monster of a week. After “Extreme Risk” I am not holding my breath to see them again, as they are still uninteresting.

Paris gets my vote for most-relatable-character after vocalizing his distaste for touch screens. Give me real buttons, or give me death!

Doctor factor

Unsatisfactory. Doctor is nothing more than a minor plot device here.