I’ve seen the first two seasons of Picard but have enjoyed none. While the first was ok as a longer mediocre episode of TNG, the second was a trainwreck. The characters became even more unlikable, the story was boring, and nothing connected them to the old Trek.

And now the third comes out. While The Verge says it’s great, nothing they’ve done in recent years buys me any confidence in them. And the review has this line:

But when put up against other crews, like the Deep Space Nine one (it had a terrorist on the team!) and Voyager (it had multiple terrorists on the team!), the TNG crew felt more sanitized. For many fans, this was the boring crew.

So yeah, no Verge for me. However, I’ve stumbled upon another review named “Don’t watch ‘Star Trek: Picard’ season three, it’ll only encourage them” which reads like it was written by someone who has seen and enjoyed the old Treks.

Picard remains a grimdark slog, shot on perpetually underlit sets and featuring a succession of increasingly-bleak setpieces.

It’s clear that Alex Kurtzman is only comfortable writing in a single register. His go-to is usually a militaristic, testosterone-fuelled paranoid Reaganite fantasy in which the real villain was our own government all along

Those two quotes encompass my general feeling towards Picard. I have not watched anything modern Trek related san the three moves from a few years back, so I can’t say anything about them. Old Trek was optimistic, even if the Federation had its fair share of shadiness. The world was vast, and humanity was hungry to explore it all. Sometimes we’ve encountered something nice. Sometimes we had to survive an open war. But underneath all that, there always was a huge admiration and love for mankind. Unfortunately, Picard creators seem to hate that feeling just as much as the Netlifx Witcher crew hates Witcher.

I’ve often theorized that many modern-day Star Trek creators would much rather be over the hall making their own Star War instead. Maybe I’m wrong, and the Picard crew is really nostalgic for the hamfisted Bush-era politics of 24.

Picard is bad, but I’ll watch this season to have it over with. I want closure as I really like Star Trek. I don’t want my Star Trek journey to end like Star Wars one did - anything modern past Force Awakens was boring at best, and this movie gets a pass on the sheer power of nostalgia. Last Jedi was so inexplicably terrible that I just gave up and never tried to watch Rise of Skywalker. Or anything Star Wars at all.