Hello and welcome to my little Star Trek fan site! Why Star Trek? Well, I consider it to be the greatest Sci-fi series of all time. However, I am not long-time fan.

These are the voyages of Starfleet Cadet Michał
His multi-year mission to explore those classic shows
To explore optimism for future
To seek out new ideas
And fantastic crew
To boldly go where millions have gone before

Star Trek is not one, but multiple TV series spanning often up to 7 seasons long. I’ve heard legends about people watching all it during summer, but I find it hard to believe.

Recent fan site updates

The trek

I’ve joined the Starfleet close to 2010 or 20111 and since then I’ve stationed on different ships and stations, but it took at least a few years before assignment change.

Please note, that the following is not a full list of Star Trek, but the list of what I’ve already seen and enjoyed. This cadet log will grow in time. You can follow the journey using RSS.

The Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry’s vision came to life.

I’ve stationed on USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) long before starting of this webstite, so only my memory can be base of those notes. But what I remember most is the crew. Even if there were a lot of weaker missions, meeting everyone on the bridge. Everyone, even Data with his terrible cat poetry.

Btw, using “Summarize in the style of Ode to Spot” is the only good usage of ChatGPT I’ve found.

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  1. I’ve made the mistake of starting the adventure on Netflix, so the data is lost. ↩︎