As Ars Technica’s reader Unremarkable comments:

When we were promised an AI-riddled cyberpunk dystopia, it was at least supposed to include cyborg arms with machine gun mounts. What a ripoff.

For the last few months, AI-generated content has been all the buzz. Images? AI. Code? Ai. Chats? Ai. And now articles. Buzzfeed, CNET, and others have already started or are about to begin publishing AI-generated content. We already see a lot of this. The top positions on all search engines are auto-generated nonsenses created in the depths of a server farm. And one thing that is the common denominator amongst all those texts? They are terrible, formulaic, and utterly not engaging.

And why is that? They lack the human touch. Those are not written for humans but for algorithms. Our journalism was defeated by the expectation of free content (you won’t guess what happened here!). One won’t pay for actual journalism if a google ad pays for it. And what will happen if a 30usd/month subscription can write thousands of articles per day?

So this is my claim: this blog is written by a human. It’s corrected by an ML model (Grammarly, I hate how much I love you), but all the content is written - not generated.

Now, who will create a search engine that is completely AI free? We are going the opposite way, and Bing, Google, and Baidu as sprinting who will be the first to serve people using a robot completely. This is the single most significant threat to the internet I have witnessed. Facebook tried, but this? This can actually murder the web.

For now, AI is still a parlor trick, but looking at how fast it is now growing, it will make a few people extremely rich and the rest of us miserable. Blogosphere to the rescue!