It’s technical Sunday. I have three updates for you.

New domain

Having a name/surname domain was getting on my nerves. Now it’s based on my IRC nick (d-s). I really like the TLD “.sh,” so that’s a bonus.


Since I am already changing domains, why not go all out? I have been curious about BSD for some time. A coworker, FreeBSD Bestie a blogger, and another blogger has sold me BSD. So why not run on a server? So starting today, this site is powered by FreeBSD running on Vultr. Spinning the service took 5 minutes, and having the site running on it another 30. I am sure there will be downtimes soon, as I have never used BSD before sans MacOS. But the first impressions are great! Everything is logical, and the documentation is as good as everyone said.

And FreeBSD has the cutest mascot ever!

If my current impressions don’t change, I’ll likely move from GNU/Linux.

Now, the migration is still ongoing. There’s still the git server and SEO to manage. But the first step is entirely done.

Sayonara Memes

This was a failed experiment. I like words, and I feel no joy from updating the site. For now, it’s removed from the top menu, but I’ll phase it out entirely soon. I am the type of person who sends emails in plain text and disables graphics from Slack.