Hello, and welcome to yet another version of this site. Like any tech blogger, I spend almost as much time writing as I do tinkering with the site.

The most significant difference in this incarnation of the blog is moving back to my old domain. The nickname was cool1, but I am not controversial enough to hide my real name. All I write about here are computers, dead musicians, old TV shows, and anime. Therefore: hello, my name is Michał. d-s.sh is now returning 301 redirects to michal.sapka.me. Come to think of it, this change is possible only because I own both domains and rent the server. I would be at someone else’s mercy if I were using an external provider or social media site.

I have also changed how the site looks. It’s only the first of many iterations that will be visible here soon, but the site already looks different. Nicer? I have no idea. I like it more now. This change was brought to you by adding footnotes2

It’s simpler now and nicer to read while not being too brutalistic3.

The next one is the least impacting now, but it will change the site for the better. Until now, I have been trying to keep an almost daily schedule. It was a nice run, and it allowed me to create content that makes this blog worthy of visiting. But it also hindered the quality. Some people can keep such a schedule while providing insightful posts very often4, but I am not one of them. The worst offender here is the urge to split a good post into multiple worse ones5. But more often, the follow-up never materialized. Therefore, I will still post random small posts here, but I will make the bigger ones more compelling.

The last change, for now, is the emergence of categories. I looked at what I wrote and categorized it all. I consider a category the primary subject of an article, while tags are weaker links between different articles. What emerged from that are the primary subjects here:

There are more categories, and I will update about page in the coming days.

See you soon!

  1. It had a nice three months long run↩︎

  2. There’s a clash of IDs if there is more than one post on a single page↩︎

  3. As a Pole I love brutalist architecture, but it can be too much. ↩︎

  4. Ruben being a prime example. ↩︎

  5. Like this one and this one↩︎

  6. You can read a dedicated article but know that there are dozens of us. Dozens! ↩︎