This applies to FreeBSD 13.1

Recently I posted about my problems with FreeBSD. One of them was resume. After installing FreeBSD, I was able to put my laptop to sleep via

acpiconf -s 3

And this worked fine. However, I was not able to resume it back from sleep. After pressing the power button laptop woke, but the screen was still black. I could reboot, and it would work, so only the screen was the problem.

After asking about this on FreeBSD Forums, bsduck and smithi pointed me to dedicated drivers for the integrated Intel GPU. And it worked like a charm.

All I had to do was:

# pkg install drm-kmod
# sysrc -f /etc/rc.conf kld_list+=i915kms 
# reboot

(via FreeBSD wiki).

Now the computer can sleep and resume without any problems. At least when using sleep mode 3. The 4th doesn’t work for me at all.