As I’ve mentioned in my last previous posts, I am now working on a “A Newcomers Guide to BSD” book.

The book will consist of four parts:

  1. Unix history and philosophy
  2. General things that you get with BSD
  3. High level overview of the most popular BSDs out there
  4. Downsides of BSD

It’s easy to find great materials for BSD as long as you are an advanced user. If you are just starting? Good luck. Install a random flavor and try to not get insane trying to piece all of this out. This is the niche I want to cover, a small intro and a way to promote BSD to people who have no idea what it really is.

The book will be available in print, from something like Lulu. There will also be an e-book from e-book retailers, maybe even Amazon.

The book will however be also free to download as PDF, and (if I find a way), in HTML form. This is my first date with Latex after all :).

I am currently studying & writing about UNIX history, as this is a necessary (and fascinating) introduction.