Hey, my name is Michał Sapka. I am a computer geek from Kraków, Poland. I am into niche and old things, like anime, BSD, or Emacs. I am also very profoundly for internet privacy and freedom.

I earn my bread as a senior software engineer in a SASS company.

After work I am a husband and a father - the only reason I ever leave my home.

Here are a few cool links:

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I try not use social media except for YouTube. Therefore, you won’t find me on Twitter, TikTok.

Email: contact@michal.sapka.me
Mastodon: https://emacs.ch/@ms


Some causes I support or believe in:

Inspirations and thank yous

I started this blog after reading Rubenerd.

I model it after Fabien Sanglard’s website.

I want to thank anyone who emailed me about this site. It’s always a blast to read your mail!