Michał Sapka's website

Why Does This Site Exist?

This site exists due to two reasons. First of all, I hate social media and what it has done to the internet. Second, having a website is something I have always enjoyed as it is simply cool as ice.

Everyone should have a website. Not a Facebook fan page, Instagram, or whatever is cool now but an actual website on the open internet. This is also why I didn’t enjoy having a medium-based blog and never posted anything there or anywhere. I will repost some articles there, but owning my platform (ehhh, wording worthy of The Verge) is great. It’s simply so much fun for me. It’s like Vim or Arch - you don’t do it to be more productive or for any practical reason but for the sheer joy of it. So, therefore, I can add “btw, I have a website” to by “btw” list.

This website is also simple. It’s just HTML files generated via Hugo and uploaded using rsync. The previous version was a monster born from React and Next.js and running on Vercel. It is was a cool experiment, but I don’t want to live in a world where we complicate the simplest things.

Here you go: this site exists for me to be a self-centered neckbeard.