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The Worst Part of Emacs After 3 Weeks

As you may already know, I am slowly moving from Vim to Emacs. I am that guy, “btw I use emacs.” So far, it has been great. The editor is solid, and the ecosystem is impressive. I can handle email and IRC from Emacs! That’s the stuff.

But old habits die hard. Since I want to use Emacs in most Emacs-y of ways, I won’t use Vim key bindings. And this causes frustration. There are two conflicting ones that drive extra me crazy.

In Vim, as we all know, k goes a line down. In Emacs, that’s C-n (where C stands for Control). However, my mind wants to use k, so every few minutes, I press C-k, which deletes the rest of the line (the equivalent of D in Vim).