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The OSes I Use Most Often

The blogoshere is filled with people listing OSes they use the most. Well, one. But still, it’s not a TikTok challenge, so here I go!

  1. macOS
  2. iOS
  3. tvOS
  4. FreeBSD
  5. Orbis OS

My work-mandated macOS dominates. I used to love it, but nowadays, it’s more of a nuisance. I recently updated the MacBook to Ventura, and what they’ve done to Settings is nothing short of a miracle. Somehow this tiny interface with just a few tabs is lagging like it’s rendering a Pixar movie.

Next up is iOS. Well, I can blame only myself. I try to use my mobile phone as little as I can, but I still instinctively pick it up. Sometimes the small internet is a distraction from the big internet. Shame!

We watch quite a lot of anime and tv series with my wife, and trusty old Apple TV 4 (aka HD) does what it is supposed to do. I will need to change the device in the near future - if we get a 4K TV, we will need something more powerful. But even now, some anime rips expect too much horsepower from the device. A real HTPC maybe? I’m deep in my neckbeard phase.

FreeBSD took over Linux on my laptop. It’s working but with a lot of problems. This will be one of the primary subjects on this blog for the foreseeable future. I already got a sticker for the laptop, so it’s official!

The last one on the list is yet another BSD powering the Playstation 4 I use. I am neither a gamer nor want it to be my primary hobby, so I limit myself to one evening per week. However, if I were serious about gaming, I’d invest in a gaming PC. Consoles seem wrong to me.

Funny thing I’ve just noticed: all of those systems are BSD or BSD descendants. And I thought I was into Linux :-)

No Windows, though! Lucke me.