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That Later Scene From Kids on the Slope

A follow-up from a post from a few days ago, this is another amazing scene showing even deeper what jazz is:

blowin the blues away~but not for me Kids on the Slope live scene on Youtube

[…] feel free to go crazy once you get in the groove

This is precisely what Ted Gaioa wrote about jazz: it’s profoundly visceral music. It can (and should, but I cannot) appreciate it on an intellectual level, but deep inside, it’s a musical discussion between band members. Kaoru and Sentarō are already connected spiritually, and they don’t need to exchange words to communicate and understand each other.

Funny side note: the second song they play, “But Not For Me,” was written by George and Ira Gershwin, white fellas, and the version they perform is based on Chet Baker’s interpretation - a white jazz legend.

Chet Baker in his glory days
Chet Baker in his glory days [source]