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Systemd Is Fast

There’s a lot to hate about systemd. It took over PID 0 on all popular Linux distros with its bloated hands, and there are no signs of stopping. Very few would be surprised if it started to take over X/Wayland in the near future.

But one thing it did perfectly is adding parallelization to system initialization. When I was still using Linux as my daily driver, I took how fast it started for granted. And now, on FreeBSD, it is the thing I miss the most, as starting the computer takes what seems to be forever. And since I can not hybernate, the pain is real. RC may be elegant and beautiful, but the system initialization pauses to wait for a WiFi connection.

I am sure there needs to be a reason why FreeBSD is still initiating everything in serial, but this is the one thing that annoys me about the system.

By the way, there’s an excellent presentation about systemd from one of the FreeBSD developers. And it’s void of any hate! It seems like behind all the valid ctriticicy and trolling from the Linux community, it has a lot of merit.

The Tragedy of systemd on Youtube