Every monday I will try to post some music, just to bright up someone’s day. I stole this idea from Ruben Schade.

I love jazz. I’ve listened to it to some extent most of my life. Recently, however I jumped deep into it to not only enjoy it, but also to understand it. This is also the reason for stagnation of this site - since I’m learning the basics and my musical ear is non-existent, there is not much to share.

Also, typing is still hard1.

My guide to jazz’s world deep end (hey Charles!) pointed me towards Miles Davis “Four & More”. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for a week or so, and still it floors me everytime.

It’s a live album of his second quartet with very, very up-beat renditions of earlier works of Miles recorded in 19642.

Here, I present you “So What”

 on Youtube

Just listen to how crazy is Tonny Willians on the drums!

  1. vide Charybdis ↩︎

  2. a different live album, “My Funny Valentine”, consists of slower arrangements recorded during the same concert. They sure knew how to make money back then ↩︎