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Re: On replacing My Macbook Air M1 with a Thinkpad T480

Max Rozen published a post named On replacing my MacBook Air M1 with a Thinkpad T480, and it essentially says what I had encountered a few months ago. My X1 Extreme is much too powerful for my needs. I don’t create music nor generate 3D graphics. I’m a humble developer and have never maxed out this device. Yeah, the battery life is far from what I’d love it to be - but that may be Linux.

But what I’ve largely forgotten about is how easy it should be upgrade a computer. You buy a MacBook, and the only way to change any component is by purchasing a new MacBook. This is terrible for the consumer.

My wife needs a computer for Cytrix. And what have we got her? A 15O USD worth of thin-pc. You can change the CPU and storage and add ram there if Cytrix decides that Windows 11 is the way to go. But we don’t need it now.

Apple made the technology world amazing for investors but hostile to real users. As I wrote before

It’s 2023, and I see no reason to buy anything from Apple anymore.