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Nokia Launches Diy Repairable Budget Android Phone

The Guardian:

Nokia has announced one of the first budget Android smartphones designed to be repaired at home allowing users to swap out the battery in under five minutes in partnership with iFixit.

If this trend continues, I may need to stop whining about XXI-century technology.

The G22 is partially made of recycled plastic and has a 6.53in screen, large-capacity battery, 50-megapixel camera and a fingerprint scanner. It runs Android 12 and will be supported for three years of monthly security updates and two major Android version upgrades.

Ecology - checked

The Nokia G22 will cost from £149.99 shipping on 8 March with replacement parts costing £18.99 for a charging port, £22.99 for a battery and £44.99 for a screen.

Pricing - checked.

If the camera is good enough, this may be my next phone. But most likely it won’t be…