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Macos Is Now Spying Even More

It’s another case of Apple becoming a questionable company, and my “abandon the sinking fruit” plan seems to be just in time to see the lights go out.

Integrate this data and remember it: macOS now contains network-based spyware even with all Apple services disabled. It cannot be disabled via controls within the OS: you must used third party network filtering software (or external devices) to prevent it.

(via Jeffrey Paul

I trusted Apple as I believed that being actually privacy-oriented was in their best interest. I am not foolish enough to consider a multi-billion dollar company to be driven by any morality. Still, I was just foolish enough to believe that would follow their primary selling point. Post-Jobs Apple is a husk of its former self. Nothing is engaging in what they do. All they care about is locking users in their ecosystem and forcing them to subscribe to everything. This was the case for a long time, but they had privacy that the competition wholly ignored. Now it’s apparent that it was nothing but a ploy to lock users completely, downplay the competition and show ads down the user’s throats. It’s 2023, and I see no reason to buy anything from Apple anymore.