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Music Monday: John Coltrane - Giant Steps

Every monday I will try to post some music, just to bright up someone’s day. I stole this idea from Ruben Schade.

To say that John Coltrane was a successful jazzman would be a colossal understatement. He played with Miles Davis during the “Kind of Blue” era. He was on top.

And then he was not. Due to narcotics and alcohol, Miles removes him from his band. John didn’t give up but instead pulled himself together and became the arguably best jazzman of all time. This is his first recording after the departure from Miles’s Quintet.

John Coltrane - Giant Steps on Youtube

And who replaced Coltrane? Wayne Shorter! Another legend.

Now, there is an excellent movie on Youtube explaining exactly how great of achievement Giant Steps was.

The most feared song in jazz, explained on Youtube

Ps. Today I learned that John Coltrane is considered a saint, which is funny in a way. Coltrane was very spiritual, but calling him a Christian would be a mistake.