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Interactive Fiction in 2023 and Get Lamp

What the greatest of literature and greatest of art does is resonate back with yourself. And you know, a side-scrolling shooter where you’re just endlessly blowing up identical spacecraft is not going to do that. But text adventures give us the possibility that a story could have meaningful consequences both internally and for the reader, the player, in a way that had never been seen before. (Get Lamp)

Gaming has matured, and the above quote may no longer apply. We now see shooters with amazing storylines. But we are also plagued with multiplayer, where T-Bagging is more important than telling a story, so there’s also a Doom to your Sam & Max.

Interactive fiction is not so prevalent today (to the surprise of none), but it is still going strong. You can find hundreds of titles on IFDB.

I can recommend Counterfeit Monkey, the highest-rated game there.

Text is lost because people just expect computer games to have graphics, and if you want to play a game that doesn’t have graphics, then you have to give them a very good reason not to. (Get Lamp)

And if you want to get the proper mindset and learn what it was like, there is the amazing “Get Lamp” documentary

GET LAMP: The Text Adventure Documentary on Youtube