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I love remote work, and I am toying with FreeBSD jails

We currently have an internal company-wide conference, and remote collaboration is one of the subjects of interest. We’ve all noticed that we can not simply move the scrum method into cyberspace, as it assumes a lot of synchronous communication.

I agree. There is a place for in-place collaboration, for meetings. And that place is called hell.

Before the pandemic, I was under the impression that I would be unable to work from home and miss the office. Oh, how wrong I was! There is nothing better for me than working from home. I am able to spend time with my four-year-old and with my wife. Lack of commute is one thing, but being present at all times? This is priceless. I dread the idea of an office.

And it gives me time for myself. Not much (as all parents know), but still. I am moving all my local services into FreeBSD jails on my local server, which I will touch on here in a few days.