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Big Tech Is Winning the Web

on a train back to Cracow

This time the train is much more modern.

it's so clean
it's so clean

In the meantime, Hacker News pointed me to an article by Chris Siebenmann:

If you can’t reach us because of something in your ISP, we have a problem; if you can’t reach GMail for the same reason, your ISP has a problem.

I am also afraid of how much big tech has become the de facto standard body for the internet. Let’s face it: whatever Google does, anyone will have to go along with it. Netflix and YouTube already broke any chance for a new modern rendering engine by mobbing for the introduction of DRM. We’ve already seen YT breaking Firefox by ignoring standards and going all-in with Chrome.

We need a standardizing body that is entirely not backed by any existing player or government. W3 was like that, but nowadays, they are nothing but a husk of their former self. Firefox foundation no longer focuses on the browser but on completely random initiatives.

We are this close to losing the web. As end-users, we can do very little. Not using Chrome is a great start. Some of us working in the tech environment have a moral obligation always to convince people of power for open standards. And most importantly, if you publish on the web, you should have a webpage. Not a FB profile, but an actual, classic, good website. And since we’re on the subject, Indieweb is a very cool initiative.